Caring For Your Lashes

Pro Tip #1:

Avoid getting your new lashes wet! Any sort of moisture (steam, water, tears, etc.) can shorten the lifespan of your lashes and cause them to lose their beautiful shape and curl.

Pro Tip #2:

Remember to remove glue build up! We recommend doing this every 4-5 wears by gently removing the glue on the band using a pair of tweezers or your fingers. Be careful as you do this because unnecessary pulling of the band instead of the glue, especially on the ends, can cause shedding of the individual lashes.

Pro Tip #3:

Always put your lashes to bed when not in use. The case they come in isn't just for looks! It also functions as the home for your luxury lashes when they aren't being worn so that they maintain their shape and curl. Storing them in their case also avoids them getting dust or moisture on them and keeps them looking fresh!

Pro Tip #4:

If you would like to add even more curl to your lashes, curl them from the band instead of from the tips! To do this, slide the lashes band first into your (clean) lash curler and gently press down at the base to maintain the 3D effect of the lashes and gaining more curl.

Pro Tip #5:

This is a pro tip straight from Allure by Tanin Nicole! Make sure your glue is a little bit tacky before attempting to apply them to the eyelid. The easiest way to check if you are new to lashes is to carefully touch the tip of your finger to the glue and pull it away. If little strings of glue pull away with your finger it is ready! If it just feels wet and doesn't stick to your finger, wait a moment and try again.

Our favourite glue at OKNGN Lashes is the Velour Lash Adhesive in Latex Free Clear, but any lash glue will do! If you are a beginner to lashes or have more sensitive eyes, we highly recommend a latex-free, brush on lash glue.